Sunday worship is an integral part of Peakland Baptist Church. 


       Peakland  Baptist Church is comprised of approximately 150 local members who are active in worship and other church and community activities.   Members and visitors are drawn to the faith community at Peakland Baptist from the immediate area, as well as neighborhoods throughout Lynchburg and surrounding area. Peakland Baptist Chuch is an important part of their lives, providing opportunity for Christian fellowship, spiritual growth and ministry.


Sunday morning is a great time to experience Peakland Baptist.

  • Our congregation worships together at 11:00am.
  • Our worship is traditional in style, but progressive in thought and theology.
  • Some dress casual. Some dress formal.  All are welcome.
  • Childcare is provided.


What We Believe

Vision Statement

We rejoice in God’s love in fellowship with one another, and we share God’s love with family, community and the world. We embrace and share the Baptist ideals of church freedom, Bible freedom, individual freedom and religious freedom.


Value Statement

We will be faithful and loving servants of God who believe that Jesus Christ is the risen Lord. We are a spiritual, ecumenical congregation, called by God, bound by faith, united in fellowship and dedicated to freedom. We are inspired to do God’s work of mission and outreach.


Core Values

  • We are a pastoral-sized congregation with a strong sense of family and caring for members of every age.
  • We are an open-minded, congregation, accepting and celebrating theological diversity.
  • We are an inclusive, non-judgmental, and welcoming congregation.
  • We are a diverse membership filled with ecumenical spirit.
  • We are seekers, desiring to grow in our individual spiritual relationships while nurturing each other on our journey.
  • We seek a thoughtful, intelligent approach to scripture.
  • We are committed to providing a safe place to ask questions and explore new ideas.
  • We are a people who value traditional worship.
  • We are a church that embraces a shared leadership model.