Peakland Baptist has many connections, but remains an independent-minded church in many ways.   We are a congregation comprised of people from many denominational backgrounds who cherish the freedom and theological openness of this church where we search for God’s will together.


Peakland Baptist Church currently has four denominational affiliations:
These affiliations have been chosen as they each reflect the historical Baptist identity with a strong emphasis on the priesthood of the believer.  Each organization holds as core values the basic Baptist principles of Soul Freedom, Bible Freedom, Church Freedom, and Religious Freedom. 
 We believe that by aligning with these groups, we as a church can have a broader impact on the world as Christians through missions, education, and resources.


As a church, we also independently support numerous missions, both globally and nearer to home.  Many of our mission connections have been established based on the passions and involvement of individual members.  We currently support more than 30 mission groups as part of our budget
(see our Ministries page).  Our individual members are actively involved in these missions as well.  Locally, we have been supporters of Interfaith Outreach and Churches for Urban Ministry almost since their inception.  We also are actively involved with the Rivermont Food Pantry, the Central Virginia Free Clinic, Rebuilding Together, Habitat for Humanity and many others.  Globally, we support the Mercy Care Center in Nairobi Kenya, the Tanzania Student Ministry, and the Gimbie Mission Project in Ethiopia.  These are just a representative sampling of our wide ranging mission connections.